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Why would I choose The Reading Journey Academic Learning Center for my child? What kind of instruction and curriculum will be used?

Teaching will all be done privately or in small, perfectly matched groups.

ALL teachers have undergraduate and some post-graduate degrees and all have outstanding experience.

Teachers are all independent contractors, with unique talents they bring to the table.

Teachers at the center commit personally to life-changing teaching and tutoring.

A positive attitude is a given at The Reading Journey by all teachers.

Every teacher believes in each child's success. They don't come to a job...but are on a mission.

This is a happy place to learn and a happy place to be.

The Reading Journey Academic Learning Center has references galore from parents who are always willing to offer support to one another.

The Reading Journey is NOT a franchise and does not teach with one set curriculum. Because of vast experience, teachers bring the best of the curriculum and strategies that have proven successful in the classroom over time. Because of the lessons that experience teaches, learning is directed by the child and the teacher easily picks up on his unique learning strengths, best avenue of learning, and style. This could not happen if we brought a set curriculum to the table that we are directed to use. Is your child an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner? Motivating all 3 avenues leads to greatest success, but letting the strongest mode lead the way is very important.

Some teachers have dyslexia background, some special education, some with administration experience. Some have Montessori training, and many have multi-grade experience. They bring their unique abilities, not the ability to follow a given total curriculum designed for the "average or typical" school student. 

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