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The Reading Journey Academic Learning Center is a tutoring and teaching center located in south Tyler, meeting the needs of students all over East Texas. It offers a broad range of services.

*educational consulting

*parent/student coaching

*diagnostic assessment, dyslexia assessment

*inservice training

*teaching instruction for home school students in all

subjects and skills

*tutoring instruction for students in all subjects

reading, comprehension, fluency







school papers and


* tutoring all levels PreK-12

* teaching Spanish/English, all ages

* teaching pre-reading skills to pre-schoolers

* dyslexia instruction, certified language therapist

* teaching and applying study skills, organization

skills, and concentration and memory skills

* teaching enrichment in all subjects

* test-taking skills

Students learn in an uplifting environment, filled with fun and excitement and challenges, all met with positive attitudes. The Reading Journey Academic Learning Center is a teaching and tutoring center that overflows with confidence. As learning takes place, successes quickly pile up, and before you know it a student is believing in himself! Focus changes from "what the other students in the classroom are doing" to "look what I can do!"

Creative, academic Summer Camps run each summer. They are offered by all the teachers in many topics and subjects and utilize the outdoor area for learning. Relaxed summertime learning can inspire!

The learning center is conveniently located a couple of minutes from Holly Tree Subdivision in our new home/office. It includes an indoor waiting room and outdoor porch and yard. Some shopping, as well as a Sonic playground, are nearby.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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